Our comprehensive key clamp size guide is designed to help users find the correct key clamp fitting dimensions for tube and metal fixtures. Buyers can confidently select the right clamp size based on the detailed specifications provided. All measurements and sizes are accurate and up-to-date.

DC Iron key clamps can create a wide variety of structures. From purpose-built guardrails to industrial-looking storage solutions. Available for different sizes of tubing, all of our clamps are designed to fit common sizes, including Key Clamp sizes.

key clamp size guide for UK key clamps from DC Iron

Please note; dimensions are given for key clamp tube sizes, the clamps are slightly larger to accommodate the tube.

Key Clamp Dimensions:

26.9mm (A) Key Clamp: size 5 Key Clamp used for smaller lightweight displays

33.7mm (B) Key Clamp: size 6 Key Clamp used for shop displays, clothes rails and lightweight furniture

42.4mm (C) Key Clamp: size 7 Key Clamp used for handrails, lightweight guardrails and furniture

48.3mm (D) Key Clamp: size 8 Key Clamp used for industrial guardrails, handrails and heavy duty framework

60.3mm (E) Key Clamp: size 9 Key Clamp commonly used for very high traffic guardrails, roadside barriers and posts

DC Iron key clamps are made from high quality galvanised malleable iron. We have a wide range of key clamps, as well as galvanised tubing in stock that are specifically designed to meet a variety of needs. Whether you are looking to build lightweight displays or heavy-duty handrails and scaffolding, we can help you find the correct key clamp tube sizes.

With a large variety of uses for key clamps, we endeavour to support a large number of construction workers, gardeners and more in the creation of bespoke solutions. Our Key Clamp sizes and kits are in stock and ready for nationwide delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

The smallest size we offer in the key clamp range is 26.9mm in diameter. This size is used for more niche constructions. Examples include lightweight frames and shelving. 

Installing key clamp structures is easy. Simply use a hex key to tighten the screw and lock tubes or fittings in place. For product-specific installations please view the data sheet on each individual product page.

Our fittings are incredibly strong and made from galvanised metal. Key clamp fittings (sizes 26.9mm to 60.3mm) can support an estimated axial load of 900 kg (2000 lbs) per screw, ensuring it is tightened to a torque of 29 lbs.